Track Shutters

Track shutters by the experts in Dartford
Available in by-pass and bi-fold options, the track shutters can give your home a modern look.

Top-quality track shutters

  • Used in wardrobes
  • Ideal room dividers
  • Have free-floating panels
  • Optional 180° bi-fold to lay panels
  • Can be fitted to large windows

Track shutters are best used in open plan homes. JB Shutters also offer full height shutters to customers in Dartford.

Glass doors? Privacy is still possible!

Track shutters are commonly used to add more privacy when it comes to glass doors in offices or indeed patio doors in modern homes. They keep that space private whilst allowing for natural light..

A great choice

Track systems can be an economical option when in the middle of an extensive building project. Contact our experts for professional advice on using track shutters in your home or office.